Are you a zombie for life, or a survivor? On September 21st, dozens of Marist students and faculty came outside to play a game, "Zombie Ball" created by Brittany Jelinski, Nick Homler '13, and Sarah-Kaitlin Perkins, in Karen Schrier's Concepts in Game Design class in Spring 2013. The game was part of a half-day of outdoor games, called Field Day @ Marist, which were a mix of popular well-established games, such as Capture the Flag, and new games from the Play Innovation Lab, including "Defuse the Bomb" by Daniel Hunter. The "Zombie Ball" game lasted almost 2 1/2 hours and required a photo finish by Marist Game Society President Anthony Barranco to decide the fate--which resulted in the zombies winning. Field Day @ Marist was jointly organized by the Marist Game Society and the Play Innovation Lab.

For more images, check out the Marist Game Society facebook page.

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